Quality Policy

Global Quality Policy

PQ is a leading global producer of sodium silicates, specialty silicas, and zeolites. The business supports a broad range of end uses, personal care, industrial cleaning products, fuel efficient tires, surface coatings, and food and beverage products.


We expect to be the premier supplier of sodium silicates, specialty silicas, and zeolites to key customers in profitable growth segments. 

  • We are committed to developing and producing world-class products which continuously satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining conformance to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) where they apply and meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • Listening to the Voice of our Customers and understanding products and product attributes that are most important to them; optimizing the value that our customers receive from the products we supply; and developing innovative sustainable solutions that will satisfy our customers’ needs in the future. 
  • Developing, recognizing, and rewarding talent, focused on delivering profitable, innovative and sustainable results, supporting a quality culture that recognizes, respects and empowers all employees as contributors and fosters good communication. 
  • Measurable Quality goals will be set throughout the organization consistent with the direction of the organization, quality policy and monitored through our Quality Management System with a focus on continual improvement, meeting the requirements of the current ISO 9001 standard.

Issue Date:  February 11, 2022


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