For almost 200 years, PQ has envisioned the future of performance chemicals through collaborative innovation, making products that touch all of us, every day.

We are a leading global supplier of silicate and derivative products that serve as environmentally friendly substitutes for materials used in a variety of applications. These include end uses such as matting agents in surface coatings, clarifying agents for edible oils and beverages, additives to paints and coatings for thermal insulation, and sensory particles in personal care products to improve feel attributes.

Personal Care

We provide better oral and personal care

Our products are critical ingredients in consumer applications that help make teeth brighter and skin softer.

Coating Products

We enhance a wide range of coating products with improved finishes

Our products are critical ingredient to everyday consumer products that help replace raw materials with our environment friendly products.


We are at the forefront of safety and sustainability

Our highest priority is to manufacture, market and distribute products in a responsible manner that protects the environment and safeguards the health, safety and security of employees, contractors, customers and the community.

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