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Our Commitment to Responsible Care®

We adhere to the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® program requirements and the Product Safety Code, which drives continuous improvement in chemical management.

We are fully committed to the health, safety, and security of our employees, customers and end-users. We strive to improve health, safety, environment, and sustainability (HSE&S) performance for processes, products, and facilities across our organization and our operating systems.

We believe our adherence to Responsible Care® allows us to not only naturally enhance our performance, but also improve the health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and the overall environment.

Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council.

©2000 American Chemistry Council

American Chemistry Council

RC14001® / ISO14001 Standards

We have implemented RC14001®/ISO14001 Standards at all of our North American Performance Chemicals, Catalysts and Refining Services sites across the United States and Canada.

Currently, with 80% of our global operating sites certified to RC14001® and/or ISO14001, we are driving to increase our ISO14001 certification to 100% across all operating and R&D sites by year-end 2023.

ACC Recognizes PQ for Safety Excellence

The American Chemistry Council (ACC), through Responsible Care®, awarded all 20 U.S. chemicals sites with Certificates of Excellence for 2019.

These certificates are awarded to sites that have zero deaths, zero days away from work cases and zero job transfer or restricted cases among both employees and contractors for the entire year.

Our commitment to the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is reflected in this prestigious honor.

Protecting the Environment

As we look to the future, we understand that we, as a specialty chemicals company, have a key role to play in creating products that are safe for our employees, our customers and the environment.

We are proud to say that for over two centuries, we have created materials that are innovative, yet largely non-toxic and not harmful to the environment.

We are driven by the spirit of Responsible Care® in our efforts to be good stewards of the environment and pledge to keep doing so moving forward.