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Potassium Silicates

PQ offers the widest variety of potassium silicate products, including liquids, spray-dry hydrous, anhydrous powders, and flake. KASIL® Potassium Silicate liquids are available in various silica/potassium oxide ratios and concentrations. Whether you are manufacturing welding rods, detergents, refractory binders, or specialty coatings, PQ has a potassium silicate to meet your needs. AgSil® potassium silicates serve as fertilizers for use in turf and crop applications as a source of soluble potassium and silicon. Sil-MATRIX™ Fungicide/Miticide/Insecticide is an EPA-registered and OMRI Listed for organic use in biochemical pesticide for preventative control of powdery mildew and control of mites and aphids on high-value crops such as wine grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and others. ECODRILL® potassium silicates are widely used in Oilfield applications in drilling fluid formulations for cleaning the drilling bit and carrying the rock cuttings to the surface. Other Oilfield applications include well conformance, cementing, treatment/remediation, and enhanced oil recovery.


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