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Treatment Services

ECO Services offers Reliable chemical waste handling, Treatment Services. Thanks to our extensive experience in the treatment and disposal business, the ECO Services facilities can accommodate a diverse array of pumpable wastes. Most of the D, F K, P and U listed hazardous wastes can be handled. This covers:

  • Sulfur-containing wastes (disulfide oils, mercaptans, spent sulfuric acid)
  • Acid wastes (Vinyl acetate, corrosives, organic acid)
  • Waste and contaminated oils
  • High-temperature meltable solids
  • OSHA regulated wasted (acrylonitrile, benzene, formaldehyde, VCM)
  • Aqueous mixtures (lean water, API/DAFs refinery sludge, hazardous waste waters and waste treatment sludge)
  • Viscous organic wastes (tars, solvents, styrene bottoms)
  • Chlorinated wastes with high chlorine content (e.g. 85% chloride)

With in-house experience in handling complex chemical compounds with the highest safety standards, ECO Services has the ability to destroy many waste streams that might be rejected by competitive service providers. ECO Services facilities are engineered to support demanding, high-volume requirements:

  • ECO Services can accommodate rail car and tanker deliveries of waste streams
  • ECO Services has storage facilities totaling over 800,000 gallons

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