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VISIMAX® & VISIMAX® PLUS Highway Safety Marking Spheres

VISIMAX® Glass Bead System 
• Optimal reflectivity and visibility. Day, night and wet-night, with brightness superior 
    to traditional technology 
• Increased preview distance 
• Remarkable durability, with an outer layer bonded tightly. Proven VISIBEAD® technology  
    means retro stays high even with core exposed 
• VISIBEAD is coated with color matched binder. Thousands of high index beads form the 
    outer VISIMAX shell

Market Focus 
• Higher retroreflectivity: better delineation, higher contrast and increased preview time 
• Wet-night reflectivity focus 
• Safety and comfort needs of aging population 
• Federal goal to reduce highway fatalities 
• Long-life markings are a return on investment 
• DOT’s are requiring warranty markings

• Cost effective, color specific, glass bead system providing 'wet-night' retroreflectivity
• All weather large glass bead safety spheres for improved marking durability   
• Use in High Build Waterborne Paint Systems

VISIMAX Products & Services 
• Advanced coating technologies allow use in all binders to maximize retention in the line 
• Stays in the color box for day/night delineation 
• Applies like a large bead, enabling you to use your current equipment 
• Dedicated technical service team provides the best support in the business 

Durable, versatile and highly reflective... in all weather conditions!
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