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VISILOK® Waterborne Paint Drying Agent

VISILOK®; Cuts Waterborne Dry Time More Than Half The Time 
• VISILOK is a glass bead intermix system that improves the dry time of waterborne paint so that drop on glass beads are no longer knocked out by traffic 
• Reduce coning and traffic control costs 
• Stop detailing cars due to tracking 
• Improve performance in damp/humid & cold weather 
• Allows for increased paint thickness 

• VISILOK intermix bead systems gives long-lasting reflectivity 
• Reduced dry times allow for drop on and intermix beads to be locked in the binder 
• VISILOK extends the life of waterborne paint due to the intermix beads - self renewal effect 

• Easy modification to existing paint trucks 
• Extend season due to VISILOK System. Stripe in lower temperatures & in damp weather 
• Narrow or curved roads are susceptible to traffic tracking over damp paint. VISILOK reduces tracking by drying paint faster 

High Build Waterborne Markings 
• VISILOK System allows for increased mil thickness without worrying about dry times 
• Durable markings utilizing High Build waterborne system High-end performance at a very affordable price

Reduce dry times of all waterborne markings!
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