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VISIGUN® Highway Safety Sphere Dispenser

Proper application of highway lane markings is critical to good performance of pavement marking systems. Over 25 years of application experience has gone into the development of the VISIGUN, making its performance virtually trouble-free.

The VISIGUN® Highway Safety Marking Sphere Dispenser is a gravity-drop glass sphere dispenser with a unique design that adjusts for an even distribution of all sizes of glass spheres. Naturally, this makes it the ideal dispenser for all highway safety marking spheres.

The VISIGUN® operates on either a gravity-feed or pressure-feed system, and mounts on a striping machine directly behind the marking applicator gun.

◾Works with all sphere sizes: Greater and more accurate bead throughput for both standard and larger bead-loading applications
◾Easy flow adjustment: Readily accessible volume control allows for accurate and easy calibration of bead flow
◾Universal mounting bracket: A moveable mounting block that accepts 1/2” round stock makes it easy to retrofit any striping vehicle
◾Oversized sphere inlet tube
◾Large volume storage chamber: A supplied air muffler reduces air pockets and pulsation on a pressurized system, or an air fitting adds air pressure to increase bead flow on a gravity system
◾Heavy-duty rubber shroud: A rubber shroud controls bead dispersion, allowing placement within one inch of the pavement, which virtually eliminates bead loss due to over-spray and wind
◾Optional air-valve conversion kit: A two-way air cylinder makes the VISIGUN double-acting with existing single-acting solenoids
◾Protective cover over adjustment mechanism: A removable shield prevents the accumulation of over-spray, dust and road grime on the adjustment mechanism

Calibration kits are also available from Potters Industries to verify proper quantities of bead products dispensed.

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