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ULTRA 1.9® High-Index Retroreflective Glass Spheres

Double your retros with Ultra 1.9! 
• High Performance markings at a very low cost 
• Hit all your minimum retros 
• Hi Index marking technology for all binders

Ultra 1.9 Benefits: 
• Extend life cycle with longer-lasting markings 
• Extended preview distance 
• Use existing equipment 
• Coating technology for all binder systems 
• Improve your yellow markings 

Ultra 1.9 Technology is the solution for all your marking problems! 
• Potters’ Ultra 1.9 will double the retros on your sealcoat and chip seal surfaces 
• Profile markings are now twice as bright 
• High Index Technology made for rumble strips 
• Thin Film applications improved with a 1.9 bead 
• Improve your work zone markings

Ultra BRIGHT, Ultra SAFE, Ultra VISION!
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