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Premium Highway Safety Marking Spheres

Potters Premium Highway Safety Marking Spheres are about twice the diameter of standard highway safety marking spheres and provide improved retroreflectivity when specified at the same rounds percentage.
Our Premium Highway Safety Marking Spheres meet or exceed every adopted highway safety marking sphere standard in effect today for North America, including the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration's FP-03 specifications. Strict quality control produces truly round spheres that optimize retroreflectivity. Proprietary coatings are available to resist agglomeration, ensure flotation for ideal embedment and improve adhesion for greater durability. Our beads meet and exceed the rigorous heavy metals limitation standards set forth by state and federal standards.
Potters Premium Highway Safety Marking Spheres can be applied as drop-on spheres in all commercial applications—waterborne paint, epoxy, polyester, thermoplastic, MMA, polyurethane, polyurea and VOC-compliant paints. They may also be incorporated as an intermix into thicker binders, such as thermoplastic and MMA.
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