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ECO Services Industrial Field Services (IFS) delivers a patented method for the fluidization, removal and regeneration of valuable raw material residues that accumulate in sulfuric acid storage tanks, rail cars, and process vessels. Our innovative solution replaces a difficult maintenance problem—typically labor-intensive vessel breaching, mining in air suits, neutralization, stabilization and landfill disposal—with a safe, simple, efficient methodology. IFS provides a turn-key solution incorporating complete thermal regeneration of the spent acid residues, eliminating cradle-to-grave exposure in an environmentally-responsible manner. The IFS team’s highly experienced group of experts has a deep understanding of all aspects of Sulfuric Acid technology and Sulfuric Acid kinetics, allowing them to be the industry leader in treating Sulfuric Acid runaway reactions. IFS operates mobile caustic scrubbers and a state of the art blending system at Baton Rouge, LA in order to treat reacting and difficult to handle spent sulfuric acids. Please contact us if we can help with vessel cleaning or handling a difficult spent acid.
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