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Packaging and Engineered Plastics

Our performance materials products help make cars lighter and more fuel efficient and our catalysts are used to increase chemical and weather resistance for consumer goods packaging


Our polyolefin catalysts and catalyst supports are used in the production of HDPE, a polyethylene which has a high strength-to-density ratio and high corrosion resistance. HDPE is used in bottles, plastic fuel tanks, containers, pipes and other molded applications which replace heavier materials such as glass and metal in consumer applications. Our catalyst supports are also used for LLDPE, a polyethylene used to produce plastic bags and sheets, stretch wrap and cable coverings. In addition, our GASIL®AB silica's are widely used as an anti-blocking additive in high clarity polyolefin films to help to reduce or eliminate blocking without compromising the balance of physical and optical properties of the film.

Engineered Plastics

From paints to bathtubs, our chemical catalysts & supports are used in the production of Acrylic—allowing these products to be better, stronger and more scratch-resistant. Our catalysts help Acrylic producers create high quality materials that can displace glass in furniture, signage and auto components. Our sulfuric acid and oleum (saturated sulfuric acid) are key raw materials and processing aids in the production of both Nylon-6 and Nylon-6,6. These lightweight and durable plastics continue to expand for applications in the automotive and construction sectors.


Our suite of Potters® brand microsphere products is engineered to give composite manufacturers the ability to tailor the characteristics of their products. When used in polymers, our hollow microspheres provide economic lightweighting properties for applications ranging from construction and mining to automotive. And our solid microspheres give polymers improved surface hardness and scratch resistance as well as reduced warpage – all important characteristics in automotive interiors and heat-sensitive, under-the-hood applications.

Anti-blocking Silicas

Our GASIL® AB anti-blocking silicas for film handling applications can help to reduce or eliminate blocking without compromising the balance of physical and optical properties of the film. These silicas provide advanced solutions for high clarity film. GASIL® AB anti-blocking silicas are widely used by resin companies and film manufacturers to eliminate blocking in polymer films.