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Highway Safety and Construction

Our Potters® brand glass microspheres help safely guide the traveling public, and our hollow microspheres improve the value and performance of construction materials

Reflective Markings for Roadways and Airports

Our Potters® brand glass microspheres are industry-leading and reliable safety solutions. Our Visibead® safety marking spheres and Ultra 1.9® high index safety marking spheres are cutting-edge reflective markings that are both high-performing and reliable. Our Visi-Ultra® safety marking spheres are our ultimate All Weather Reflective beads, providing enhanced safety to all road users.

Microspheres for Construction Materials

Q-Cel® and Sphericel® low-density, hollow microsphere products reduce weight and improve thermal insulation properties in multiple cement-based and polymer-based construction materials, including energy efficient thermal coatings, fiber cement composites, cast polymers, paving blocks and grouting materials. Our products improve flow properties for viscous mixes, allowing better mold flow. Shrinkage is also reduced as our low-density additives occupy more volume by weight than traditional fillers, making these products ideal for vertical use and patching compounds.