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Consumer Products

We create ingredients that improve and enhance everyday lives—from helping toothpastes create brighter smiles to replacing harmful ingredients in dishwashing detergents

Precipitated Silicas

We have a long history of innovation in oral care silicas. We developed and patented a range of high-efficiency cleaning booster products for use in dual-abrasive toothpaste formulations. Precise control of silica particle structure enables these products to deliver extremely high cleaning performance while minimizing enamel wear.

Silica Gels

Our SORBSIL® silica hydrogels offer edible oil processors a cost effective and simple way to remove unwanted contaminants such as soaps, phospholipids and trace metals from their products. With high surface area and pore volume but narrower particle size distribution, our SORBSIL® silica hydrogels have superior filtering capability and proven adsorbent capability.

Consumer Products

We provide a range of co-granules for use in phosphate-free automatic dishwashing consumer products. We also offer a variety of products, Metso® metasilicates which provide alkalinity in I&I cleaning, DOUCIL® and VALFOR® zeolites products, which act as carriers and flow/process aids in laundry detergents, and BRITESIL® silicates, which are phosphate free builders for laundry and automatic dishwashing consumer products.

Personal Care Products

With the growing demand for more environmentally-friendly personal care products, manufacturers have looked to us for solutions. From exfoliating shower gels to face and body scrubs, we offer a range of highly-effective and safe SORBOSIL® Eco-Granules that replace more harmful polyethylene microbeads. Our silicas are natural and are approved by Ecocert (, an international network that certifies sustainable raw materials and products.

Oral Care Products

Our dental silicas are compatible with a wide range of active ingredients for use in oral care. Our products provide added benefits over traditional ingredients, resulting in toothpaste that provides better whitening properties with less tooth sensitivity. Our silicas also can be structurally modified to enhance cleaning.

Beer Clarification

The natural reaction between protein and tannin creates a haze beers during the brewing process. BRITESORB® Silica Gel Adsorbents remove proteins that cause haze-forming in beer, with no adverse effect on flavor, foam, color or aroma. BRITESORB® beer stabilizers have chillproofed more beer than any other silica gel in the world.