Company Description

PQ is a leading global provider of silicates, silicas and derivative products. PQ’s products are used in a wide variety of industrial processes and many customer products, from decorative paints to green cement, from clean drinking water to green tires and from toothpaste to biofuels and beer.

Ideal candidates resonate with PQ’s Core Values of Integrity, Sustainability, People, Customer Focus and Safety.  Successful employees embrace and model these values in their behaviors and actions.

Job Description


  • Obtain maximum efficiency from all operating equipment.
  • Maintain adequate inventories to meet customer requirements.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment.
  • Maintain accurate production records.
  • Start-up, operate and shutdown equipment as required.



  • A familiarity with ISO 9001 Procedures.  Maintains data and records under ISO 9001 standards and procedures.
  • Produces and ships products within specifications.
  • Continually strives to improve quality and reduce variation.
  • Collect operating and laboratory data.
  • Inspect tank trucks before loading product for the customer.


  • Communicate all customer complaints/shipments outside of customer criteria to proper authorities (ie. Delivery, quality, paperwork, etc.)
  • Work with teams for continually improving the customer service system.
  • Takes delivery orders from customers and coordinates on-time sheets.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with all customers.
  • To be on call to load trucks for customers during off time.  (Weekends on call)
  • Locate trucks to load for customers during off time.


  • Provide input on career enhancement section of EDD.
  • Assists in the training of a new employee.


  • Maintain a high level of housekeeping.
  • Suggest improvements to maintain advantage over competition.



  • Provide input into annual EH&S Plan.
  • Use SWA to prevent unsafe acts.
  • Adhere to PQ’s Life Saving Behaviours
  • Follow standard operating procedures.
  • Wear the required PPE for work tasks.
  • Attend safety training and safety meetings when required.
  • Participate and ensure that all precautions that can be done to prevent injuries are taken. Working safe in everything we do is mandatory.


  • Monitor all environmental systems at plant.
  • Provide input into annual EH&S Plan.
  • Reports any environmental observation.

Responsible Care Ethic & Principles for Sustainability

  • Follow all CIAC codes of practice.
  • Understands the ethic and principles of Responsible Care Ethic & Principles for Sustainability, and conducts operations within these guidelines


  • Assume daily responsibilities of as outlined by the Unit Manager in his absence.
  • The ability to work with minimal supervison
  • Schedule trucks for the following week.
  • Traces transport of raw material and communicate with the railways.


  • Hold a 5th class Power Engineer’s (boiler operator’s) ticket.
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Perform routine equipment inspections.
  • Perform uninterrupted glass dissolving production.
  • Perform minor equipment repair.
  • Maintain work area clean and free from all safety hazards.
  • Assist in plant budget development.
  • Perform efficient start up/shut-down of plant and related equipment.
  • Maintain active participation in ISO audits/EHS audits/environmental audits.
  • Perform all quality checks on products shipped, boiler water and maintain records.
  • Obtain knowledge of all company policies/plant procedures/ISO procedures/Emergency Response Plan.
  • Prioritize in emergency situations and provide communication to proper authorities.
  • Possess good math, reading, writing and computer skills.
  • Load trucks for delivering products to the customer.
  • Off load railcars.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Unit Manager.

Assume daily responsibilities as outlined by Unit Manager in his/her absence.
Approve purchase of parts and contractor services up to $1000.

Additional Information

EHS Responsibilities

  • Communicates, promotes and personally demonstrates Safety/Health (including PQP Principles) as #1 priority
  • Participation in risk assessment audits as applicable
  • Understand PQ Principles (PQP) and how they are implemented in the site organization, rules and procedures
  • Completes HSE training requirements identified for the job in a timely manner

National Silicates Partnership is an equal employement opportunity employer. Accordingly, reasonable accommodations are available upon rewurst for candidates taking part in relation to the materials or processes we use in the recruitment process. 

Job Location