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For almost 200 years, PQ Corporation has envisioned the future of performance materials, chemicals and catalysts through collaborative innovation, making products that touch all of us, every day

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PQ Corporation enables environmental improvements and enhances everyday consumer products through collaborative innovation with our customers. Our products reduce air pollution and make products you use every day more environmentally friendly.

At the forefront of safety and sustainability, we are a leading global provider of specialty catalysts, services, and performance materials and chemicals.

Our Products and Services

Performance Materials and Chemicals

The Performance Materials and Chemicals Group offers solutions ranging from personal care to transportation safety, using products made from environmentally friendly silicate, glass and engineered materials.

Our innovative products clean and whiten teeth and make aching muscles feel better. They make tires roll with less resistance. They also make highway and runway markings more visible to drivers and pilots.

The Performance Materials and Chemicals Group includes our performance chemicals product group and our performance materials products sold as our Potters® brand microspheres, an industry leader for more than 100 years.


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Environmental Catalysts and Services

Our Environmental Catalysts and Services Group is a leading global innovator and producer of catalysts for the refinery, emissions control, petrochemical, polyolefin and acrylics industries. We also are a leading provider of catalyst recycling services to the North American refining industry.

We help vehicles run cleaner, reducing the sulfur content in gasoline and improving air quality. Our catalysts reduce byproducts produced in the manufacture of plastics, making the world cleaner and safer each and every day.

This group includes the EcoServices® brand refining services, the Silica Catalysts business, and Zeolyst joint venture.


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