Technical Service

PQ Corporation takes pride in providing the best technical service that our industry can offer. We support our various product lines as well as the many applications in which they are used. To this end we maintain a fully staffed Technical Service and Quality Assurance Group. Our goal is to optimize the value that our customers receive from the chemicals we supply, so you can take full advantage of the unique chemistry PQ’s products deliver.

Our Technical Service Representatives are industry specialists that have developed significant expertise in our products’ major end-use industries. If you have questions about pulp & paper, water treatment, agriculture, cements, adhesives or a wide range of other applications you can contact PQ for expert advice along with specialized literature.  Many customers use our technical service resources for problem solving, reducing costs and even new applications development.

Because we are the experts in silicate and magnesium sulfate chemistries, our Technical Service Group routinely provides instruction, conducting customer training and education by means of on-site presentations and training.  The better you understand how PQ chemicals function, the better you can apply them in your manufacturing processes.

Our technical service is one way that PQ differentiates itself from the rest of the industry. If you need more information on our products, help in trouble-shooting a problem or you just need a sample for testing, contact us. We will do our best to help you.

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