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People are the cornerstone of our success at National Silicates. A diversified workforce of 80 people from around the world coming together in a mosaic of talent and creativity.

Our employees share a common goal and vision. They have a strong desire to work at the leading edge of their fields, to serve customers first, to grow the business, and to pursue excellence in everything they do. Enthusiasm, loyalty and team spirit are shared by employees in all our operating units. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of skills.

We assemble cross-functional teams to problem-solve and find new and improved ways to meet customers' needs while improving health & safety, productivity and efficiency. Empowerment plays a vital role allowing employees to participate in decision making. With common tasks and goals defined, team members work effectively in an environment of trust, acceptance of all members, and open communication. Members bring multi-skills to the table and have mutual respect for the particular strengths and weaknesses of other team members. By sharing their knowledge and learning from each other, problems are solved in surprising and magnificent ways.

An enthusiastic sales force with experience in the chemical industry, serve our customers Canada-wide. Our technical team of highly trained professionals are available to meet our customers' needs globally.

Our management staff consists of a team of outstanding executives with excellent senior leadership skills. They are highly knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise.

Our employees volunteer their time in community activities. They enjoy taking action and making a difference.

Our turnover is a modest 1% compared to the industry norm of 5.3%

Today, the people of National Silicates thrive in an environment which is conducive to creative thinking and risk-taking - where learning and challenging are the norm. We firmly believe that people are our greatest resource. By encouraging empowerment, professional development and job skills training, we will continue to foster great chemistry and maintain a leadership role in the industry.

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