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Community Relations
National Silicates recognizes that building strong relationships with the community is essential for our continued success. Our goal is to play an active and visible part in our Community and to be recognized as good-will ambassadors.

We have a shared vision to become a beacon in our Community, creating a leadership role for the industry. We encourage and support community involvement through a number of initiatives.

Through Responsible Care and our Commitment to Sustainability it is our vision to ensure that our  business takes into account the creation of goods and services using processes and systems that are: non-polluting; conserving of energy and natural resources; economically efficient; safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers; and, socially and creatively rewarding for all working people.

National Silicates is a good neighbour in the community in which it operates. As a member of the CIAC and in support of the Responsible Care initiative, National Silicates facilities have an open door policy with our stakeholders. This provides knowledge to those who work and live near our facilities about our processes, products and safeguards we take to ensure everyone's safety

National Silicates is dedicated to the "Business of Giving". Financial contributions and participation in community events is a tool used to create a link between business & the community, and communicates a genuine concern for the need to support non-profit organizations.

Distribution of Funds…
There are two methods for distributing funds:

  • Corporate Contributions
  • Community Contributions

On-going written requests are received and reviewed.  Consideration is given to the following areas:  Health/Human Services, Education, Culture/Art and Civic/Community.  In order to promote our culture of caring for our stakeholders’ interests, requests are identified by our employees, our local and employee’s community, political associations, business associations and customers.

The contributions committee measures, evaluates and examines areas for improvement within our social responsibility framework.


Employee Involvement

  • Volunteer Efforts
  • Employee Donations

Fund Raising

Community Participation

  • Take our Kids to Work Day
  • Christmas cards purchase through local hospitals to support their fund raising efforts

Community Outreach

  • Comité de liaison 
  • Walkabouts:  Plant Managers conduct an annual visit to our immediate neighbours to share who we are, provide information about the risk of our processes and discuss any concerns. 

Industry Associations

  • Toronto West CAER – working with industry in West Toronto and the first responders (fire, police, ambulance, water, works department) for readiness to emergencies.
  • SEIEA – The South Etobicoke Industrial Employers Association was formed in 1995 to preserve a buffer zone between industry and housing.  This association has worked with the city of Toronto and Zoning Commission.
  • Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) – Responsible Care Verification Report


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