PQ silicates are non-toxic and one of few oilfield chemicals that can be beneficial
to the environment both on-land and offshore. Potassium silicate is a source of
soluble potassium and soluble silica and in many countries PQ potassium silicate
is registered as a fertilizer. On-land, this makes potassium silicate a natural choice
for drilling. Offshore, sodium silicate is preferred. When discharged into the sea,
the soluble silica aids in diatom growth.

Respecting health, safety and the environment has always been one of our core
values. PQ Corporation is an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care 
Participant (RC-14001). PQ has set up many HS&E procedures and safeguards to
protect all employees and the environment and to comply with regulation. Also,
PQ expects all our contractors to meet the same high HS&E standards we have for
ourselves. In 2010, PQ won the ACC's Safety Institute Award for our Behavior-
Based Safety (BBS) program.
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