Assessing Our Products
PQ Corporation has implemented a comprehensive product safety and product stewardship process to assure that the hazards of our products, if any, are periodically evaluated and that the risks identified are appropriately managed to minimize potential impacts to health, safety and the environment; that relevant information and assistance regarding proper use of our products is provided to our commercial partners and other relevant stakeholders; and that our products are sold in compliance with laws and regulations that govern them. 

As a member of the American Chemistry council (ACC) in the USA, PQ is committed to the Global Product Strategy (GPS), which is designed to improve product stewardship actions and to increase public awareness and confidence that chemicals in commerce are safely managed throughout their lifecycle. PQ’s product stewardship program includes completing risk reviews for new products and characterizations for the chemicals we manufacture, prioritizing chemical risks, recommending risk management actions where needed, and making chemical health and safety information available to the public. 

PQ Corporation ranks products based upon risk from highest to lowest. Products with the highest potential ranking have publicly available product stewardship summaries that outline the hazards, exposures, risks and recommended risk management actions that should be taken. Risk ranking encompasses inherent risks (toxicity, corrosivity, flammability, etc,) and product end use. 

If you have any further questions on PQ’s product stewardship program or to request a product stewardship summary you may contact the Manager of Product Stewardship/Safety at
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